Dear Diary,


Today marked the day of our first practice game. But first we began the day with our morning training that consisted of some shooting, game play and a couple of friendly games of bump both won by non other than Australia’s #7 David Scroggs.


After training we all made our own ways for lunch. Myself and some fellow teammates made our way through the rain to the city centre of Wageningen where we we came across ‘the Keuken’ a small restaurant with homemade meals made by the friendliest chef in all of Wageningen who let us in despite not having opened yet and fed us with free soup bread which was fitting in the wet weather.


Finally our first practice game was upon us and we had the chance to put our practice to the test and play against people other than ourselves and the familiar faces back home. Everyone came out with their game faces on and stuck to our game plan which showed on the score board with the Aussies coming out on top 36-17 after 6 x 10 minute sessions. It is safe to say we are pleased with the overall performance and will use it as a stepping stone in moving forward to bigger and better things.


Stay tuned for the next update.

Tapir xx

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