Day 3 today started with an early wake up. We headed down for breakfast at 7:30 and had a mighty feed for our first day of games. We were all super keen for a full on day. We saddled up and headed to the stadium for our morning training session. We were informed last night that Sri Lanka are no longer competing so the game schedule has changed. Our first game was against India at 1:20 Malay time. The squad was super keen to get out there and experience our first U21 game ! After training we returned to the hotel for 2 hours of free time…(pool time). We then bussed it back to the stadium for our first game. The warm up session was…well…warm, but that didn’t limit our excitement. Nerves started to kick in once the starting team lined up for the anthem, and then we were off. Unfortunately the goals got away from us, and nerves plus heat got the better of us.

After the game, we took some time to reflect on what an amazing opportunity this is and the amount of work that has gone into us being here. Not only by our amazing support staff, but all the people working in Australia to make korfball happen in our country. With that on our minds, we knew we had to make the most of this week.

Before we knew it we were back yet again to the stadium for our second match of the day. Team moral was high and the warm up felt good. Shots were going in and everyone was in good spirits. Playing against Chinese Taipei was tough, though it was a great experience. Again… the goals got away from us, however our game was still fun and rewarding. After thanking the opposing team and the referees for the game we had some dinner and headed back to the hotel for a shower and a rest. We are keen for a bit more of a late start tomorrow as everyone is a tad bit exhausted from the huge effort we put in today.