Day 10 started with another late breakfast, getting as much sleep as we can before the tournament starts. A quick stop over at the rooms to get our stuff and off to training we went.


Training consisted of lots of pressured shooting, some four on four in tonight’s divisions and then another game of bump. Unfortunately Dave fell further from his former glory being eliminated first by Josh Berney who become the new Victor. He’ll be the one to knock off tomorrow, hopefully by a girl this time.


After training was the korfball opening ceremony which was smaller and much less tiring, we didn’t even have to get up! The team then headed to lunch and back to the rooms for an afternoon nap before our first game. Dinner came around quick and was interesting to say the least, a few of us chose to go for a walk and grab a burger.


The team started to get pumped up with some beats on the way to the game and an inspirational talk by coach, Phil. We knew we were up against a very experienced and strong team in Belgium but we were excited to take it to them and make them earn everything. We had an awesome cheer squad of parents and some Ultimate Frisbee spectators that sang Waltzing Matilda for most of the game so that helped us stay motivated. Overall we were really proud of the game, last time we played them they scored over 50, so to keep them to 26 was a great effort! We really brought it to them and lifted our level, ready for a big game tomorrow. A great debut by Grace Cullen in the open team who had a killer game and burnt her opponent multiple times.


Thanks so much for the support everyone watching at home and all the spectators. We got told we’re the country with the biggest heart! ❤️


Love you all!
Ash x

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