After a long, eagerly awaited sleep we were greeted in Holland by grey skies and steady rain; a beautiful summers day…


In true Aussie fashion we were not deterred by the challenging elements. We packed our training gear, donned our ponchos and set off on our first cycle of the week. Despite a rogue curb and a cheeky rose bush we made it to the sports hall relatively unharmed.


Our first training saw us doing some very light shooting drills to work out any stiffness in out bodies. After such a long journey its very important for us to start easy and minimise any risk of injuries. Despite being tired everyone was in high spirits, excited to be overseas playing the sport we all love.


Following our training we decided we’d have a team lunch and relax for the remainder of the day. A high stakes game of ‘Skip-Bo’ was the highlight of the afternoon which saw Patrick ‘The Tapir’ Branford win a free coffee.


In the evening we headed out to the DVO sports hall to watch Chinese Taipei play against the Dutch National U21 Team in an exhibition match. We all enjoyed watching some high level korfball to get us in the right mindset to play at an international level.


It wouldn’t be a trip to Wageningen without a few visits to a favoured watering hole, Hermans Horeca. We made the first of these tonight with a quick night cap before going home for our beauty sleep.


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