(June 2017) – The Australian national championships of the world’s only true mixed-gender sport, korfball, will be held in Victor Harbour, South Australia, over this June long weekend.

With almost 100 of Australia’s finest korfball players set to descend on Victor Harbour, Australian Head Coach Phil Sibbons says that this tournament is the best opportunity for players to develop and hone their skills.

“Korfball is a growing sport in Australia, and it gains traction as more people start to become aware of what it is and what it offers,” Phil says.  

Korfball is a fast-paced and dynamic game, and its unique defending and mixed-sex rules make for a much more varied game at a much faster pace. Teams of eight players divide into two sections of a court with two males and two females in each section. Within each section is a ‘korf’ set in one third from the back line.

To be held over Saturday 10 June – Sunday 11 June 2017 at the Victor Harbour Recreation Centre, the Korfball National Championships will see qualifying teams from South Australia and New South Wales competing across an A and B grade competition.

“These championships bring out the best in our players and offers the opportunity for people from different states to learn from the different playing styles of different leagues,” Phil says.

The game originated in The Netherlands – the word ‘korf’ is Dutch for “basket” – and was developed by a teacher in 1902 so that boys and girls could play together on equal terms, encouraging team work and co-operation.

In July, Phil will lead a group of Australian korfball players to compete against 7 countries at the 2017 World Games in Wrocław, Poland.

“That spirit of teamwork continues today not just through the players in the teams, but the dedication of the players across the country to build the sport,” says Phil.

“It’s a fantastic vibe every year at the national championships as we see more new teams and more developing players coming into the fold.”

More information on korfball in Australia and the upcoming national championships can be found at the Korfball Australia website at korfball.org.au