First day at the hotel… it was great to get started with breakfast as a team. And of course the most important part, we all approved of the buffet spread

After food and some coffee (already missing Joshy P’s amazing blend) we are all keen to get on that bus to check out the stadium.
Excitement, nerves and curiosity crept in as we arrived… the pump up music supplied by Captain Jess, kept the vibes going as we walked through those stadium doors.

Training was somewhat relaxed but intense as we all felt the pressure to perform not only for the coaches but other teams. Energy was a little low at the start but once we found our groove and got our heads in the game, we were confident and sweaty…. Very sweaty!!!

Back at the hotel, the team decided to go for a recovery and stretch session before having a rest and getting ready for the welcome dinner. Lunch was small yet delicious however we are all struggling to navigate the ‘what not to eat’ scenario.

Watermelon, mocha Frappuccinos and some spicy chicken has been tried and tested so far, with a relatively high rate of laxative effectiveness.

The welcome dinner was somewhat a success with our captains smashing it on the dance floor! Josh slightly more confident than Jess… however some may say it should have been the other way around, just my non-professional opinion there!

The awesome vibe with all the teams together made us feel a little more at ease knowing the after party will be one hell of a night to end this tournament on.

We are all pumped and ready to go for India tomorrow, so on that note I will leave Nik with the next instalment. I have no doubt there will be a little more korfball and a little less ‘shit’ talk.