Hey everyone I have the pleasure of sharing some of our experiences from our journey so far!

Our route has consisted of flying out from Adelaide to Melbourne where we grouped up with our Capitão Josh, Assistant Coach Wazz and Megan who will be refereeing at the Championships. After a four hour wait and some sweet sweet HJ’s we were up in the air headed for Bangkok.

This wasn’t the longest flight we had ever been on but it sure felt like it at times. We spent our time sitting, then standing a bit, then sitting again. I spoke to Dan Phillips and we both agreed that our favourite part of the flight was white-knuckling it through the brief stints of turbulence.💀 We just wanted to get to the hotel, get settled in and get to work.

Now let me tell you, the work started when we took our first breath of the Thai air. It was thick, muggy and sweaty. You wouldn’t be able to tell if you looked at Josh Berney though the man was strolling around in track pants and his Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee hoodie like it was nothing.🥴Inspirational committment to his favourite beverage.

Once we got our bags we were met by Emily who had been waiting for us at the airport for 6+hrs 🤣

At this point it is just after 7pm and from here we jumped on a hyper air-conditioned coach and took off for Pattaya which was anticipated to be roughly a 1.5hr ride. It wasn’t. Not even close. We arrived in the city of Pattaya in just under 2hrs but the last 2km or so of the trip took about as long due to the amount of traffic. To have our hotel be just down the street yet for us to be SO far from arriving at our destination was tough to endure. Darian Huddleston, who is normally high energy and loves to have a laugh with the group, was a shell of a man curled up at the back of the bus waiting for it to all be over. Never seen the guy look so dejected.

It’s midnight now 🥴 and we’ve just walked into the foyer of our hotel where the staff greeted us with a RAT test👍👍👍👍👍👍

A packed dinner was handed out but all we wanted was a shower and a bed. We made it though. It was time to get some rest and get the show on the road…

Thanks for keeping up with your Aussies and keep an eye out for the next installment written up by Sammy!