Korfball Australia has been approached by Sarita Kidson, a researcher at the University of Newcastle, who is looking for volunteers to help validate a new computerised sports concussion test which will ultimately be used to make return to play decisions after an athlete has sustained a concussion. Concussion has been an issue across all sports for a number of years, and is receiving increased media coverage as a result. One of the issues surrounding concussion in sports and protecting the participants long term health is knowing when it is safe for the participant to resume activity. This study is working on developing and testing systems which allow health care professionals to make the decision on when participants can return easier and more accurate.


The study is looking for people aged 18-35 years who are not colour-blind and who have not sustained a concussion in the past 6 months. Participation will involve completing a 30-45 minute online test, which involves filling out details about experiencing any concussion symptoms or past history of concussion and completing different tasks looking at thinking skills such as: attention, memory, processing speed and problem solving. Participants will have to complete the test twice 7 to 14 days apart. Those who wish to volunteer can contact Sarita at sarita.kidson@students.mq.edu.au, and she will be in touch to organise the study.


More information on the background of the study can be found on the Participant Information Statement, which also includes a privacy statement protecting any information you provide.