The referee is the most exposed performer in a korfball game. Players and coaches individually may occasionally be analysed but the referee is exposed to it continually throughout their game. They are the supreme decision makers as to the conduct of the game and thus the arbitrators of fairness in interpretation of the rules and in ensuring appropriate behaviour.


With these high expectations it is extremely important there is procedural justice. There needs to be gender fairness in the selection and appropriate training once selected. When they are qualified they need to have mentoring and korfball community support as they develop refereeing competency which is a whole of career process.


When they are refereeing and when subject to analysis it needs to be without gender bias. There are a range of courses that are designed to assist the referee such as the Korfball Referee Courses.


Refereeing should be an enjoyable activity for both genders and everyone including players, coaches and administrators have a duty to ensure this is the case. Good gender relations and positive behaviour from players and spectators will achieve the goal of getting gender equality in the body of referees at all levels.