The ACHPER International Conference had delegates from around the world including teachers, sport, recreation, health and government officials. Over 30 of these attended the two korfball presentations of Ashlee Othen and Luke Rosie assisted by Alison Othen.


Presenting at this conference was a great way to increase awareness of Korfball in Australian schools, governments and sports related industry. It also allowed us to successfully demonstrate our unique ability to develop good gender relations in a mixed gender setting.


Our presenters were uniformly positive about the experience, and have outlined their positive experiences below:

I felt that the presentation was a successful initiative by Korfball Australia. Having the opportunity to explain to a large number of people, from different backgrounds, the benefits and opportunities that Korfball can offer a community or an individual was really satisfying for me. Especially the impact of Korfball being gender neutral and assisting gender relations.

– Ashlee


Sharing my knowledge of how I present Korfball to students in a game sense approach was well received and showed other professionals how Korfball requires cooperation to be successful and that this has nothing to do with gender. I think the difficulty in getting access to the equipment could be a limiting factor, so in this practical session I demonstrated how other courts can be utilised effectively.



I thought our sessions were interesting and very informative. It was a great platform to spread the word about Korfball and the huge benefits to be gained from our sport in regard to gender relations.



We want to thank every Australian korfballer because whatever your involvement in korfball you have contributed to korfball being seen in a really positive way in Australian sport. Our community is one we can all be proud of in many ways including how we support each other and work together on and off the court and across clubs and states.