In our first survey, Gender Relations in Korfball, we asked your opinion about the interplay between females and males in our sport.


In this second survey, we want to find out more about your personal experiences in Korfball. We believe this will help us to recognise what we need to do to make Korfball better for everyone and let those inside and outside the sport know what successes we are having.


The previous  survey, the first of its kind in Korfball, generated Australian and international interest and approval. This extended as far as the IKF, who further distributed the results as evidence of Korfball’s importance as the worlds foremost mixed-gender sport.


We feel this one is even more important, and the more responses we can get, the better. Please take a few minutes to do the survey below, or here. We would appreciate it if all responses would be completed by July 1st.