Last weeks results, and this weeks schedule, is now up on the K4 Competition Page. Despite a few teething problems which made matches run slightly late, last week was hugely successful, and was a glowing endorsement of K4 and the opportunities this format of the sport can provide. Some of these teething problems have been addressed by adding colour swatches to each team on the page linked above, to make it easier to work out who’s playing who.


One other problem which was highlighted was that the free-substitution rule makes it impractical to have resting players score. As such, the requirement of teams to provide a referee has been slightly expanded in order to address this problem. Teams who are listed to referee must, as well as the referee, provide a representative to score. Scoring is simply a matter of using a flip-scoreboard, and then noting the final score at the end of the match. As with referees, this will only be required once per week, and will ensure the accurate and efficient running of all matches. We apologise for this addition to a teams responsibilities, but feel it is the fairest and easiest way to resolve the issue.


The rest of the schedule will be added shortly, keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the matches. A few scheduling issues had to be ironed out, resulting in a slight delay.


If there any questions or concerns regarding these changes, or with the running of the competition, please feel free to contact us. Here’s hoping for another successful week, with many more to come.