Welcome to the 2018 Korfball Australia National Club Championships Day 1 wrap up, coming to you from Wayville Stadium in Adelaide. Nationals this year sees the game shorted to 2×15 minute halves with a continuous clock, which means fast paced Korfball, and not a lot of time for the players to try and catch their breath.   

 A Grade 

 The A Grade competition got started on Day One, with the 4 teams taking to the courts, South Australian State League Champions North, Runners Up Arista, Glenelg and Boomers.   

 Glenelg are the early front runners claiming maximum points on day one after recording 3 successive victories, with a 13-12 victory over North in their first game, a 21-19 victory over Arista in game number two, then in their final game recording 16-11 victory over Boomers. The results leave them with a positive goal difference of 8 heading into day two. 

 Arista is positioned nicely in second place after day one, after recording two wins and one defeat. They recorded victories in their first and third games, over Boomers, 12-11, and North, 12-8, respectively, whilst they went down against Glenelg in game two, 21-19. They enter day two with a positive goal difference of 3. 

 Boomers head into day two with one win and two defeats, after going down narrowly against Arista in game one, 12-11, they then bounced back with victory over North winning 15-12, before another defeat this time to Glenelg 16-11, to see them with a negative goal difference of 3 heading into day two.  

 North ended day one without a victory, losing their 3 matches on day one. The first two matches saw North go down by 1 and 3 goals against Glenelg and Boomers respectively, before going down by 4 goals 12-8 against Arista in their final match of day one. Heading into day 2 they have a -8 goal difference.  

 Day 2 sees the 4 teams face off against each other again in reverse order  

 B Grade 

  The B Grade competition sees 7 teams entered, with Flinders, Boomers, Glenelg, Arista and North coming from the SA State League, with Newcastle and Sydney making the trip down to Adelaide to play as well.  

 Flinders are on top of the table at the moment with three wins and no defeats, recording victories over North, 8-4, Glenelg, 12-4, and a thrilling victory over Sydney 8-7.  

 Just behind in second place is Newcastle who is also undefeated but has played one less game. Newcastle started their day with a 15-3 victory over Glenelg and then backed it up with a 11-2 victory over North. 

 In third place we see the second New South Wales side Sydney with a two-win start to the day, along with the one defeat. They claimed victories over Arista, 9-5, and then followed up with a 10-1 victory over Boomers. Before going down by 1 against Flinders.  

 In fourth are Boomers who have won two and lost two from their 4 games on day one, the most of the B grade sides on the opening day. They started their day with 2 wins over Arista, 6-5 and North 8-7. They then proceeded to lose their next two matches against Sydney, 10-1, and Glenelg, 8-7.  

 Fifth placed after day one sees Glenelg, who have recorded one win and two defeats from their three matches so far. They recorded a victory over Boomers 8-7, but went down in matches against Newcastle, 15-3, and against Flinders, 12-4. 

 In sixth place we see Arista who have played two games and haven’t recorded a victory so far, going down by 1 against Boomers, 6-5, then against Sydney, 9-5. With a heavy schedule on day two Arista, with a couple of victories, can climb the table. 

 On the bottom of the table in seventh place we see North, who have played three games and are yet to record a victory so far. With defeats on day one against Flinders 8-4, Boomers 8-7, and then against Newcastle 11-2.  

 Check out the National Championships hub for match results, ladders and upcoming schedules, and stay tuned with results being updated as soon as matches are completed all weekend.