As many of our regular readers would know, a monthly newsletter has been produced for some time now, thanks to the tireless efforts of Roy Kirkby. This newsletter has provided many within the greater korfball community, both in Australia and abroad, with vital information on recent and upcoming events, as well as being an important channel of communication on all matters korfball. However, all god things must come to an end, and the recent Korfball Australia Newsletter was the final edition. We would like to thank Roy for his efforts, and we hope he continues to be a contributor to the Korfball Australia News effort.


From next month, the Korfball Australia news will still appear in your inbox, but as a snapshot summary of the goings on within the Korfball community, as opposed to full articles. The full articles will still be available to view online at your leisure. What this means is the Korfball Australia news, all of which can be found here, is now the one-stop-shop for any and all updates regarding korfball in Australia. If you were already receiving the newsletter, you will continue to receive the monthly updates, and if you weren’t, but want to, a subscription form appears below. The subscription form can also be found on every news article page, and on the Contact page.


Once you receive the first summary, there will be options available to change how often you receive the updates, with daily and weekly options available too (the updates only get sent if there’s new articles, so you don’t have to be worry about getting spammed with the same content over and over again). Feel free to pass along any feedback, either in the comments, or though our Contact page.


Once again, we thank Roy for his efforts, and look forward to his contributions to the updated Korfball Australia news.


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