Korfball 4 will on Monday be presented the ACHPER Primary School State Conference. This Conference is one of the major professional development opportunities available to Primary School Physical Education educators. The session will be run by Roy Kirkby, the Korfball Australia National Technical Director, and Ashlee Othen, current U23 and Open National Team member.

Korfball 4 was developed by the IKF, and is a smaller, faster format of Korfball. The condensed nature of the game makes it an ideal tool to teach the basics of korfball in schools, as well as being a viable alternative form of the sport, with International Championships already happening. Some videos showing Korfball 4 being played can be found below. A smaller court, one division, and 4 players per team make this similar to the beach korfball some of our readers would be familiar with, while maintaining its own unique features.

The idea for Korfball 4 appears to have been attractive to teachers, with more than 14 teachers having already applied for the ACHPER Conference Workshop on Monday. Additionally, a pilot program being run at Highgate Primary School, using the Australian Sports Commission Playing for Life approach, has shown promising signs. A revised program will be made available in the Teaching Resources archive soon.


Posted by 中華民國合球協會Chinese Taipei Korfball Association on Friday, 21 November 2014