Beastwear live and breathe sportswear – they know just how important it is to have high-quality sports clothing when you’re playing your sport of choice.

Their custom made sports garments are lightweight, durable and feel great – no matter whether you’ve just hit the court, laying that crunch tackle or you’re lining up for that crucial, game-winning shot. If you are in need of a custom printed garment with your or our design, in colors of your choice that can represent your team image effectively, Beastwear can help you out.

Beastwear don’t just make custom clothes for ball sports – they also produce garments used by charities, the military, corporates, schools, universities and for over 80 sports.

The manufacturing techniques used by Beastwear enable them to have unlimited options in respect of design and colours. Their designers can assist with artwork and the design is scaled to suit the size.

Beastwear commenced manufacturing garments in 1974. Since inception they have strived to provide a high level of service and a quality product. They manufacture custom made performance polos, t-shirts, hoodies, singlets, shorts, dresses, jackets and pants etc, all of which utilises the latest Cooltek fabrics that incorporate moisture management systems enabling you to remain cool no matter your need.