Korfball Australia is pleased to announce that more resources have recently been made available. The resources provided by Korfball Australia cover a wide range of Teaching, Coaching and Refereeing areas, and provide a useful source of information for all aspects of developing Korfball skills.


The new resources made available continue on the work of previous releases. Referee Development Logs, available in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, are now available, and are the primary method of recording any and all development activities undertaken as a referee.


Additionally, a rules comparison chart for Korfball 4 and Korfball 8 has been made available, which should help with the progression from the introductory Korfball 4 to the full scale Korfball 8. This resource should be of great value to any teachers looking to introduce Korfball at any year level.


Possibly the best resource we have managed to make available is not one produced by Korfball Australia at all. It with huge thanks to the Koninklijke Belgische Korfbalbond (KBKB) that we are able to bring you the Basic Skills Videos playlist. These videos demonstrate all the basic skills required to be successful in Korfball, and promise to be a great resource for any teachers, coaches and new players looking to learn more. The videos unfortunately do not have sound, but that does not diminish their ability to demonstrate the skills needed for Korfball.


Keep your eyes peeled for more videos released soon, with some more advanced tactic videos among those to be uploaded soon. As well as being able to access the videos through the Resources page, they can also be found on the Korfball Australia Youtube channel.