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Players Diary Day 8 – August 5th

By |2019-08-06T07:21:16+09:30August 6th, 2019|Players Diary|

Howdy howdy hope all is well back home where we know how to accommodate for vegos, vegans and various other diets. No hate on the locals though they do some mad tings with baked beans and hair do's. As per usual most of us woke up earlyish and headed down for breaky. At this point [...]

Players Diary Day 7- August 4th

By |2019-08-05T07:24:46+09:30August 5th, 2019|Players Diary|

It was our day off! The morning started as it always does, with my favourite meal of the day, breakfast. Let me tell you, the scones here are bloody amazing 🤤 We decided that for our day off we would spend the morning at a game reserve park, so we didn't get as much of [...]

Players Diary Day 6 – August 3rd

By |2019-08-04T05:00:12+09:30August 4th, 2019|Players Diary|

Today started a bit differently as we trained before our big match against Taipei. This meant that we had to have an early breakfast. This did not go down well between our two slow risers (Nik & Jeff) with Tim making no negotiations for the two boys . Training session went well for most, allowing [...]

Players Diary Day 5 – August 2nd

By |2019-08-03T11:36:47+09:30August 3rd, 2019|Players Diary|

What a day what a day. The day started for me at about 8:06 when I headed down to breakfast with Jeffrey. Jeffrey and I managed to work out a special deal with Tim to extend our breakfast deadline by 15 minutes, as long as we make it down by 8:15 we don’t get in [...]

Players Diary Day 4 – August 1st

By |2019-08-02T06:03:11+09:30August 2nd, 2019|Players Diary|

Hey everyone, I've been handed the reins for our Day 4 blog, and what a day it was! We rolled out of bed for a big pre-game breakfast at 8am. Then we spent the necessary time packing and repacking our sports bags, braiding each others hair (well Emily braiding everyone's hair - thanks Em!), pacing, [...]

Players Diary Day 3 – July 31st

By |2019-08-01T06:01:39+09:30August 1st, 2019|Players Diary|

Day three here in Durban, and we woke up from a much needed 10 hour sleep for most of us. Feeling fresh we got dressed and headed down for some breakfast. I had cereal and toast, nothing too exciting. After breakfast we got ourselves organised and ready to head off to our first training. The [...]

Players Diary Day 8 & 9 – August 3 & 4

By |2018-08-05T09:10:40+09:30August 5th, 2018|Players Diary|

Day 8 Josh and myself finally had a sleep in arising to the lovely sound of my alarm at 9 instead of fire trucks at 6. It was going to be a good day, the team had breakfast in their buffet while Josh and I got our favourite breakfast food in Japan, yoghurt. It was [...]

Players Diary Day 7 – August 2

By |2018-08-03T09:20:37+09:30August 3rd, 2018|Players Diary|

Hi Everyone, so I have the wonderful task of writing todays diary. Today started with a message from Phil at 7:30am informing us all that it was going to be a lovely 37 degrees. It has been really humid as well, to the point that we all had to have a towel with us on [...]

Players Diary Day 6 – August 1

By |2018-08-02T09:36:10+09:30August 2nd, 2018|Players Diary|

Hi everyone, I'm back! I wrote the first couple of these for this tournament, before I was able to palm the job off onto each matches captain, but unfortunately (for you guys) I'm back for the day. It's OK, someone else will take over tomorrow. The day kicked off much like all others so far, [...]

Players Diary Day 5 – July 31

By |2018-08-01T07:58:15+09:30August 1st, 2018|Players Diary|

Alright I’m going to talk about all the important stuff in my diary entry- food. First we woke up and had breakfast, some dined at the hotel and others made do with super market goodies, I personally had some yogurt and cereal, delicious. We then had a team meeting and afterwards we had a stretch [...]

Players Diary Day 4 – July 30

By |2018-07-31T08:20:15+09:30July 31st, 2018|Players Diary|

After having to wait that extra day to get to play, it was finally time to play our first game, only we had to wait until the final time slot too. With so much time before our game the day was pretty cruisey. After breakfast we had a cheeky meeting to discuss the plan for [...]

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